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Demelza Toy Toy

It's Time to Relax

Performance, Disorder Live Art, 2019

A car drives into the warehouse through the roll shutter entrance. I get out of the car, the driver in car watches and I unpack: amplifiers, turntables, effects pedals, guitars, guitar stands, microphones, tape players, cassette tape, jack leads, extension leads and plants.


I start to “set up” using these objects. I move them into various positions and plug in these objects. I connect them using the leads. I play the cassette tape in the cassette player. The microphone is connected to the amplifier and placed by the speaker of the tape player to amplify the sound of a disembodied voice from a hypnosis cassette. This plays as I continue to set up my objects, connecting them, disconnecting them and moving them around into different formations. I stop the tape and rewind it whilst doing the action of setting up the various objects.


A situation is created where the guitars are plugged into the amplifiers and placed on the guitar stands, the turntables are placed next to the guitars, the plants are placed on the turntables whilst it spins and the leaves brush the guitar strings, this sound is amplified through the amplifiers. I am then able to “play” the guitars using the plants, effecting the tempo and melody by reversing the turntables, speeding them up or down and using different plants.

In this work I am looking to create conditions that displace the centrality of the human body, working instead with a more networked dynamics of interaction between human and non-human. The work responds to the need to have a voice, and to make a sound to be heard and to make a sound.

 © 2019 Demelza Woodbridge

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